Twins having a cheerful heart to heart

A little while ago a friend sent me this excellent video of twins. They’re having what is clearly a deeply meaningful conversation but it’s in a language that seem to have made up themselves. My friend wondered if I knew what they might be talking about. I’ve provided my interpretation below but I suggest you watch it for yourself and form your own theory before seeing if you agree with me.

In my expert opinion it’s a discussion about socks and kinship. The two socked baby is gently mocking his one-socked brother for having lost his sock. He wonders if they can really be related. Meanwhile, the one socked baby is trying to get across just how easy it is to lose a sock.

”Easier than you’d think, brother of mine. I had it right here just moments ago but now as you can see, it’s gone.”

”Yes and it is because you are feckless that you are sockless.”

”No, no, no this was not something I brought upon myself. That’s just the nature of socks. You may think you are better, that you are in full control of your socks but that’s just an illusion. If you’d seen what I’d seen you’d know the world is more capricious and inconstant than even with our four eyes and four ears can keep up with. Even with us both on guard a sock could vanish from YOUR foot just as easily.”

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