Your Babies #008: Lily laughing at tearing paper.

Babies laugh at lots of things we wouldn’t expect them to. 50 million people have wondered why baby Micah laughed at tearing paper. The most common explanation I’ve heard is that Micah probably laughs at everything. Micah does seem to be a very giggly baby, but do other babies find tearing paper funny. In science we don’t like rely on a single example, so I am grateful to David Green for running an experiment on his daughter Lily (5 months) to see what she thought of tearing paper. As you can see, David, Lily and Lily’s mum replicated the original finding. Thank you for the data.

Mind you, I’ve still no idea why babies find tearing paper so funny. More data would be good so please feel free to try this on your baby and send me your findings.

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