Your Babies #017: Who's copying who?

For new parents and their babies, there is a wonderful moment when the baby realises he or she has the power to make mummy and daddy laugh. From that point forth the clowning around rarely stops and mostly it is magical. Although many a parent has come to regret having once laughed at their baby blowing raspberries in their dinner. It’s only really funny the first few dozen times. (For you at least, babies being young are more keen on old jokes.) And it can get a little relentless when toddler has been given too much sugar and not enough attention. (Please note that no amount of attention is ever enough for toddler.) Obviously, the reason they do it is that shared laughter is so rewarding, your laughter makes them laugh. Once they notice this, they play up to their audience and everyone goes home happy. Baby Michael is just 5 months old in this video but he seems to already have got the idea.

Thanks to Michael and his family.

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