Experimenting With Babies: Baby science for you to try at home

Here’s a new book, published today, that might interest readers of this blog:

Experimenting With Babies: 

50 Science Projects You Can Perform on Your Kid shows parents how to recreate landmark scientific studies on cognitive, motor, social and behavioral development — using their own bundles of joy as the research subjects.

Each project includes instructions on how to conduct the experiment at home using ordinary toys and household items as props, an easy-to-understand explanation of the experiment’s significance, and suggestions on how parents can incorporate these principles into their interactions with their child.

Mom and Dad can begin experimenting on the day their baby is born, and they can continue to test hypotheses well into their child’s toddler years.

Experimenting With Babies: 50 Amazing Science Projects You Can Perform on Your Kid – by Shaun Gallagher.
We particularly like this experiment – Make ’em Laugh

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