Your Babies #026: Laughing twins Lubabah & Zeyanah

You laugh more in company and even more with your best friends and loved ones. So the obvious question is, do twins laugh more than the rest of us? Let’s examine some evidence.

Lubabah and Zeyanah definitely seem to be having a lot of fun. Youtube has plenty of other laughing twins having just as much fun. Even some laughing quadruplets.
In our parental laughter survey, we asked how many times a day babies laughed. We had 17 sets of twins in our data and on average their parents didn’t report that they laughed more or less than other babies. On average they all laugh around 40 times a day.
But I’ve suspected that parents are largely guessing when they answer that question. For example, parents report that boys laugh more than girls. This might be a real difference but it also be a cultural projection based on expected gender roles.
One parent of twins in Venezuela wasn’t sure if she’d been accurate in her guess of how much they laughed. So the next day she counted. She got to 500 laughs and emailed me to let me know. Which certainly brightened my day and suggests that maybe happy twins are more than twice as fun. Do you know any twins, what is your experience? Are you a twin yourself, did you think laughed a lot as child?
Thank you to Lubabah and Zeyanah and their parents for sharing this video and to Alexandra and family in Venezuela (our thoughts are with you today )

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