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Bradford Baby Week – Why it’s great to be a baby

Join developmental psychologist, director of Goldsmith’s InfantLab, and author of The Laughing Baby, Caspar Addyman, for this illuminating and uplifting talk and Q&A event. Exploring the first two years of an infant’s life, this event won’t focus on the commonly-discussed moments of stress and confusion for adults and babies, and how these impact on early years cognitive and emotional development. Instead, Caspar wants to tell you why it can be GREAT to be a baby! Together you’ll explore how parents and practitioners can use their in-built instincts – not only to provide personal care and sustenance, but to tickle and play peekaboo – that have been honed over millennia, to help seed the beginnings of art, science, music and happiness in our children, and create a bond that parents and infants share as they navigate the challenges of childhood. This event is in partnership with Better Start Bradford for Baby Week Bradford 2020. Find out what else is happening at: