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Babies Laugh at Everything

A picture book with laughter sound effects.

Written by Dr Caspar Addyman

Illustrated by Ania Simeone

Babies Laugh at Everything is scientifically developed to help babies and their carers bond through reading and laughter. Written by Dr. Caspar Addyman, a leading expert in what makes babies laugh, this book is packed with noises that are scientifically shown to be funny for babies, from WOOF to ATCHOO!


Babies can refine their motor skills by pressing the on-the-page sound buttons, and the mirror ending is perfect for stimulating baby senses. You could even try propping up the book for tummy time.


With bright and engaging illustrations by Ania Simeone, this joyful book is brimming with relatable scenes of family life in every shape and size – from funny mummies and happy daddies to silly siblings and giggly grannies! – and the bouncy rhyme is full of repetition to help with early language acquisition.

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