Caspar showing his book Babies Laugh at Everything to a baby during the show

Babies Laugh Out Loud – Glasgow July 2024

Monday was the World Premiere my new show Babies Laugh Out Loud. It’s a show for babies and about babies. It is about my research into the science of baby laughter. After 12 years of doing this research, it was a delight to finally present it direct to babies themselves.

i was honoured to be able to present this to babies at the Glasgow Science Centre. Their IMAX stage was not the best location for a tiny show for tiny people. But the babies mostly didn’t mind. Thank you to Sam Wass and the organisers of International Conference on Infant Studies for making this possible. Huge thanks to my director Sarah Argent for co-creating this show. We enjoyed ourselves and audience were soooo cute.

We hope to bring the show to more places. So watch this space. If you have suggestions for suitable venues, please drop me a line at

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