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Dr Caspar Addyman
Consulting Infantologist

Babies are the future!

Twenty years ago I quit a career on city trading floors to study infant development. I have not looked back. Babies are way cuter than bankers. Although their design demands are surprisingly similar (avoiding information overload for people with short attention spans).

My research has always depended on creativity and technological innovation. Working with many new parents, I have developed excellent empathy and communication skills. This has led to many successful collaborations with artists, technologists, corporations and the media.

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Relevant skills

Consultancy and research support

I have worked with multi-nationals, start-ups and individual scientists and creatives on a range of projects. 

I am always happy to talk about laughing babies so get it touch. 

I have worked with multiple start-ups to advise them on new products for under twos. 

Worked with global and national brands to create scientifically literate campaigns.

I have collaborated with musicians, artists and theatre-makers. I also create my own shows for audiences of babies. See Events.

As a former software developer, I have excellent technology and user experience design knowledge. 

My research involves building state of the art machine learning models of human interaction. As a result I keep up to date on latest developments in AI.    

I have extensive experience with media old and new. 

Some past projects

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C&G Baby Club

Smiling Baby listening to music with large colourful headphones. image by Kerry Harrison

Caspar helped musician Imogen Heap to create a song scientifically designed to make babies happy. Better yet, it worked!

Giggly Mornings

Pampers, Latin America

Baby smiling in a cot

Do babies wake up laughing? Research and media work with Procter & Gamble office in Sao Paulo. 

What faces do babies make when experiencing food for first time? I researched and fronted a marketing campaign for baby food brand, Piccolo. 

Choose happy babies!

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