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Babies' laughter is central to their success

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Laughter and smiles brings us closer. It is crucial in the first year of life as babies bond with their caregivers.


Laughter is the opposite of crying. Crying asks us to solve an urgent problem. Laughter asks us to keep playing so they can learn. 


Each day brings new wonders . Babies are driven to explore everything and their discoveries delight them.


Babies laugh because they are happy. They are loved, they are learning, they are present.

"Babies are the best way to start people." - Don Herron

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About me

I'm Dr Caspar Addyman, a research psychologist specialising in infant development.

After 10 years working in finance, I quit to become a baby scientist. I did a night school degree in psychology and completed a PhD at Birkbeck Babylab in 2009. I have studied infant learning, language, sleep and parenting. Since 2011 I’ve been interested in baby laughter and the important role it plays in babies’ social and emotional development. 

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Caspar is the author of the popular science book The Laughing Baby and the Babies Laugh™ picture books for babies (actual pictures by Ania Simone). 


I’ve collaborated with Pampers, Cow & Gate, Piccolo Foods and many more.


Live shows for babies (and parents), science talks and other in person activities.


Dr Caspar Addyman has spent nearly 20 years researching infant development and over a decade investigating baby laughter.

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